You made me do it alone……

You made me so it alone

I carry the pain and punishment for the both of us

Whoever wrote this post secret postcard

You are not alone



It would almost be your birthday

It would almost of been your second birthday and I sit here and reflect on the last two and a half years.

What would life be like?

I’m so happy with my life but there is still a part of me is sad and there is still a small part of my heart is broken.

But know that I love you, know that I think of you everyday, know that I wanted you, know that you are forever a part of me.

I know that you are the wind in my hair, the birds that I hear, butterflies that I see, the soft grass that I touch and the warmth that pops into my heart every now and then. I know that you are near, I know that you are here.

I shared this photo with your dad xx

Know that I try to include him, know that I think of him with kindness. Just because he doesn’t reply doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.